KRISPOL at R+T fair in Stuttgart 2018

KRISPOL was among 1027 exhibitors at the world’s largest Trade Fair for Roller Shutters, Doors/Gates and Sun Protection Systems. This event is held every three years and attracts over 60,000 visitors from 122 countries.

During the five days of the fair, exhibitors present important technological innovations and breakthrough products implemented by leading manufacturers in the industry. This year, our stand had an area of 150 m2, which we used to display new products news for home and industrial facilities. On the first day of the fair, the visitors of our stand were surprised to see footballer Łukasz Piszczek, who is KRISPOL brand ambassador.

KRISPOL presented its new products HOME series:

  • K2 RFS sectional garage door with new Concrete 2 veneer and a renovation frame (suitable for installing without the need to remove the old frame). The renovation frame enables the user to mount the garage door in difficult installation conditions, when the garage has no lintel or jambs. Comfortable operation of the garage door is ensured by a dedicated application KRISPOL EASY ACCESS or a keypad.
  • SOLANO aluminium door system based on sections mounted at the depth of 90 mm. The filling of the system consists of panels made of aluminium sheets filled with very thick layer of insulating polyurethane foam. Expansion rubber used in the top panel and sections with bimetallic spacers compensate stresses caused by e.g. high outdoor temperatures in sunny days.

The panels are mounted on both sides providing visually attractive surface, uniform with the frame. The designers of the doors focused on every structural detail to achieve the heat transfer coefficient starting from 0.8 W [m2K]. The doors are equipped with modern access control – they may be opened with a keypad or a smartphone. Moreover, the hidden hinges are invisible from the outside and inside.



  • K2 RFS sectional garage door with E-drive on steel sections of renovation type provided in the colour of the door. This solution compensates uneven ground surface, and its special mounting elements allow lateral installation, when jambs are too small or when the insulation layer is thick. The garage door may be controlled by a smartphone with installed KRISPOL EASY ACCESS application via a keypad. Surface-mounted photocells additionally protect door users.


We presented also innovative products of FIRM series:

  • K2 IPT -aluminium, double-glazed garage door with thermal insulation inserts. This is a new product in our range of industrial solutions. New sections have excellent thermal insulation properties, which further reduce the heat transfer coefficient. The door is equipped with a drive with a soft start and soft stop. Control of the garage door is provided via a smartphone or STARCUS keypad. These solutions make the operation very comfortable. Light curtain mounted inside the guiding system and surface-mounted photocells with alarm lamp feature perfectly protect door users,


  • R2 SCP rolling grill made of corrugated steel with a side tubular drive. The rolling grill with “brick-shaped” openings offers simple installation and is powered from 230V mains, making it perfect for commercial premises. It provides a high level of ventilation. The grill operates in “Deadman” mode and is operated with a key switch.

In addition to garage doors, we presented also aluminium systems, including:

MB60E system with thermal partition, designed for producing doors and windows sets with doors. Aluminium structure provides good functional properties and high technical parameters. MB60 system also optimizes the installation time of the door, resulting in further savings.

The system is ready for installation of hardware, locks and hinges that meet European standards. Specially constructed sections allow user to install surface -mounted locks and bolts, which are easy to assembly and replace. The system also offers many versions of thresholds and bottom crossbars of door wings.

Glazing and other fillings used in MB60 system are offered in the thickness range of 5-41 mm.



All products were presented with a wide range of accessories and safety features. KRISPOL also showed interesting new patterns and designs. The attention of visitors was attracted by our garage door and entrance door with ‘Concrete’ veneer. This brave pattern is our response to the growing popularity of the industrial style among the house owners.

During this year’s edition of the fair, KRISPOL presented minimalist and modern stand, which was perfect for displaying the design and operation features of our products. We also surprised our guests with some football emotions. Not only by the presence of our ambassador, who is a well-known football player, but also by referring to the upcoming FIFA World Cup  – says Katarzyna Kozłowska, KRISPOL Marketing Manager. – One of our display rooms was arranged to represent a stadium with our rolling grille serving as a goal. The idea was well received by visitors and by Łukasz Piszczek, who was with us on the first day of the fair.

Our Ambassador, in spite of his very tight schedule, arrived to Stuttgart for a few hours and personally tested the functionality and strength of the displayed products. He was interested in the features of all KRISPOL products. He also found time to chat and take photos with fans. After this short but intense visit, our Ambassador returned to Dortmund, where he plays for Borussia Dortmund.